3 Causes of Prospect Disengagement in B2B Sales

If you're like many B2B marketers, you're baffled by why so many of your hard-earned prospects fall out of the sales funnel before your sales team gets a chance to engage. Are you attracting the wrong prospect? Do they disappear to go to a competitor? Why is it that only 2% of what goes in the top of the funnel ever makes it out the bottom?

Download this complimentary Executive eBrief and get important insights into what's really making your sales funnel more like a leaky sieve. Learn how:

  • Over-reliance on websites results in limited marketspace presence
  • Inefficient omni-channel marketing fails to deliver value to sales
  • Sales-marketing misalignment results in high failure rates and short job tenures for marketing
Websites fail after 2 minutes

Your Website Fails After 2 Minutes

How can you pivot from the traditional "pushing" of information to letting visitors "pull" relevant, just-in-time, just-for-me insights in snackable and shareable formats?
Lead gen has a 98% failure rate

Your Lead Gen Has a 98% Failure Rate

Basic survival requires that B2B marketing realign with the sales team's need to have more engagements with Marketing Qualified Leads.
3 Causes of Prospect Disengagement in B2B Sales

Every B2B marketing professional wants to do the right thing and build a serious pipeline of opportunties for their sales team. But the reality is, most marketing efforts are grossly inefficient with an overall 98% failure rate in leads delivered. It's time to take a deeper look at why this statistic is prevelant in light of all the benefits of today's digital marketing.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker

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