Digital Marketing Planning: 3 Failure Points You Must Avoid

Download this complimentary Executive eBrief and learn about pitfalls that are sure to be in your path. Realtime markets, complexity, rapid change, and endless contingencies have broken budgets and marketing planning, and marketing executives must be aware of what lies ahead.

  • Myriad things to get done, mistakes will be made
  • Radical accountability, planning chaos
  • Real-time markets with test-learn-adapt cycles, pressure to react
Real-time digital markets

Real-time Markets Creates Pressure to React

When it comes to the day-to-day of digital marketing, real-time markets encourage videogame-like twitch behavior. Add instantaneous results to the continuous test-learn-adapt cycles, and the pressure to just react becomes irresistible.

Marketing accountability

Accountability Turns Radical

Never before has marketing been this exposed or vulnerable to criticism. Like a massive weather front, praise or scrutiny for marketing can shift overnight.

3 Failure Points to Avoid

This age of digital marketing is causing many marketing executives to worry about details, complexity, control, accountability... the list can feel endless. How has your 2016 digital marketing planning set you up for failure? We all need to answer this question sooner rather than later.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker

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