Content Tsunami: Deadly Consequence of Omni-channel Marketing

Chest pains and difficulty breathing may sound like a heart attack, but you might also be experiencing what a lot of CMOs are these days: a drowning sensation amid a tsunami of marketing content.

Download this complimentary Executive eBrief and get a grip on the deadly concequences of omni-channel marketing and all the touchpoints with which your customers are engaging your brand. Learn about how:

  • Content marketing will cripple marketing
  • Making quick use of positive user content is a competitive advantage
  • Content must take into consideration the "circle of trust" that defines today's markets 
Content Marketing Drives Purchase Decisions

Content Drives Purchase

With today’s consumers being always-connected, your brand activation touchpoints require new levels of diversity and volume at each phase of the engagement cycle.
Omni-channel Marketing Complexity

The Complexity of Omni-channel Marketing

A tectonic plate shift in marketing investments is being triggered by an epic rise of digital, omni-channel marketing efforts. Your inability to control this equates to nothing short of brand erosion.  
Content Marketing eBrief

It is critically important to think of "content marketing" as a top priority in this age of digital marketing. But along with the diversity, volume, and velocity of this content comes the risk of being overwhelmed to the point of crippling the marketing organization altogether.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker

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