Have Marketing Professionals Devolved into Project Managers?

Given the pace at which digital marketing is evolving, there's a number of reasons to feel overwhelmed. Exploding workloads, skyrocketing volumes of content, new regulatory and legal processes... it's no wonder that many marketing executives are starting to feel like project managers. Download your copy of this complimentary Executive eBrief and learn more about digital marketing overwhelm.

Content Overwhelm

How the Exploding Volume of Content Will Overwhelm Your Organization

Today companies must execute the right marketing claim or rebuttal within minutes or hours of an emergent opportunity. Efficient content execution must overcome three important challenges.

Digital Marketing Workload

More To Do, Less Time To Do It

Marketing executives must coordinate 6.5 times more projects across 11.9 times more agencies in 15 percent of the time. Read about why the exploding workload of digital marketing will overwhelm your organization.


The explosion of digital marketing has resulted in several new pressure points for marketing executives. Consider, for example, the number of pieces of content that now go into real-time marketing and digital campaigns. CMOs will see many marketing roles turn into project managers with fancy job titles.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker

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