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In this age of digital marketing, it can sometimes feel like superhero powers are required to make sense of it all. With the explosion of marketing content, speed-of-light creative cycles, and new customer touchpoints coming out of nowhere, the struggle to deliver a cohesive strategy and marketing plan seems harder than leaping tall buildings in a single bound. 

Take a look at this series of BrandMaker Executive eBriefs. We've provided a collection of material that will help make sense of the digital marketing conundrum and put your marketing team on a path to success.

Quick Reads, Deep Content

Start by understanding what happened in 2015 that will disrupt this year's marketing plan. This quick read highlights the shift caused by the new digital economy and is critically important to understand as you finish planning efforts. For a little inspiration, we've collected 6 inspirational quotes from thought leaders on digital marketing. You'll get some new insights and ideas that are sure to be helpful. Lastly, we can all benefit from understanding how successful companies build brands and garner marketshare fast, and our 4 things CMOs can learn from Silicon Valley startups will do just that.

What Happened in 2015 That Will Disrupt This Year's Marketing Plan?

 2015 Digital Marketing Disruption

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6 Inspirational Quotes From Thought Leaders on Digital Marketing

 6 Inspirational Quotes

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4 Things CMOs Can Learn From Silicon Valley Startups

 Silicon Valley Lessons

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