Rising Conversion Costs and Lower Contribution to Revenue Growth

Trying to stay grounded when you're looking over this year's digital marketing expenses can be a bit of a challenge. Like many CMOs, you probably thought "digital" was supposed to be better, faster, and mostly... cheaper. So what happened?

Download this complimentary Executive eBrief and get important insights into what's behind the shocking costs of digital marketing. Learn about:

  • Conversion cost complexity and its impact on marketing effectiveness
  • The up to 300% increase in minimum bids for cost-per-click advertising
  • Ad quality scores and how they amount to a tax on ignorance
Digital Marketing Costs

Digital Marketing was Supposed to be Cheaper

We all thought the new age of digital marketing would help us reach more customers, better, faster, and cheaper.  Did it work for you?
Going Digital

Everyone is Going Digital

With lower barriers to entry for just about any competitor, grabbing limited ad space and top-position slots in search results is costing more than ever before.
Rising Costs of Digital Marketing eBrief

In some ways it's never been easier to reach customers, but it's also never been harder to convert them. The complexity of conversions is just one reason the cost of digital marketing is on the rise. Increased competition for top-placements, complex quality score algorithms, and chasing down organic business with more content are also big contributors.

Mirko Holzer, CEO BrandMaker

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